Achieving the refinancing of France’s number 2 distributor of hygiene products

SO-MG Partners enabled a €1.5 million bridging loan to be arranged pending global refinancing of the group.

A major player for the manufacture and distribution of hygiene products for more than 75 years, the group is number 2 in France with a 7% market share.

In 2017, the group rolled out a strategy of renewed financial equilibrium for its French subsidiaries with the appointment of a new Managing Director and the renewal of the local management team. The strategy took the form of two phases:

1 – Optimisation of costs and processes:

  • Investment in the deployment of an ERP system shared by all the group’s French locations in order to achieve standardisation of processes and improved administrative productivity;
  • Renewal of the purchasing team and renegotiation of contracts with the subsidiaries’ historical partners;
  • Implementation of centralised supply chain arrangements with the creation of a central Supply Chain Department and the setup of a central hub;
  • Renewal of personnel (with the recruitment of 107 persons to strengthen the management team).

2 – Restructuring of the customer offering:

  • Reduction of the number of product references from 11,000 to 6,000;
  • Creation of a shared and better structured product range.

The second phase resulted in the signature of larger contracts leading to a larger financing requirement given the need for investment in new machinery.

The work performed by SO-MG Partners:

  • Independent analysis of the group’s financial position designed to facilitate the group’s negotiations with its existing financial partners;
  • Search for an additional banking partner for the purpose of financing a €1.5 million short-term bridging loan pending the global refinancing of the group.

The results achieved:

  • The signature of a €1.5 million financing facility with BRED, the group’s new banking partner.

The three key success factors:

  • Total independence in the preparation of the applicable business and financing plans, thereby providing the banks with confidence that their bases of preparation were sufficiently prudent to provide security for their financing;
  • Highlighting of the available guarantees for the proposals made;
  • Day-to-day support facilitating communication between the subsidiaries’ finance department and the bank.