You want to strengthen the company’s position during recovery and fundraising, and/or to be assisted in the preparation of financial documentation for stakeholders.
You also want tailored assistance.

We will prepare an independent diagnosis to assess the situation, ensure the reliability of financial data and identify improvement drivers. The seriousness of our work, recognized by major market players, will create a climate conducive to negotiations.

Independent Business Reviews

At the request of stakeholders, our analyses provide valuable, independent and objective diagnoses to determine cash requirements in the short and medium term.

Preparation and implementation of turnaround plans, fundraising

Based on cash flow projections, we define a schedule based on the time available to the company to fund its turnaround and its ability to recover faster.

Debt renegotiations

We prepare, with CEOs and shareholders, the financial documentation necessary to negotiate financing, often in collaboration with Investment Banking Teams.

Context: Cash shortage, cash burn, losing existing financing facilities, loss of confidence of stakeholders, suppliers and credit insurers, negotiations with creditors, discussions with the Court for the opening of “Mandat ad hoc” and/or “Conciliation”, “Sauvegarde” or “Redressement judiciaire” French judicial recovery proceedings.

We are uniquely positioned to provide tailor-made services: Special Situation Due Diligence, vendor assistance for distressed companies and optimization of carve-out implementation, working alongside the seller and the buyer.

Financial due diligence

We highlight, alongside the seller and the buyer, the key issues of transactions including the financing needs of the entity sold.

Post-deal implementation

We support the new management team in implementing the drivers and procedures identified as necessary during the acquisition phase.

Carve-Out implementation

We conduct financial and operational analysis, including measuring the impact on the organization of the business. We assist the seller in preparing pro-forma financial statements, the balance sheet of the new entity and cash forecasts. Our hands-on approach optimizes implementation of the separation for both seller and buyer.

Context: Divestment of non- core businesses, sale of underperforming companies, acquisition of distressed companies [whether out of court or in Court Proceedings – French plan de cession, plan de continuation proceedings]

Cash Enhancement
We deliver a systematic, action-oriented approach to cash enhancement and optimization of the current financing strategy through innovative solutions.

Quick Wins

We achieve, alongside CFOs, internal “Quick Wins” [actions whose cash effects are immediate and optimize the trade-off between the “cash issue” and “margin perspective”].

Funding optimization

We have direct access to key players that enables us to assess financing plans, if necessary in cooperation with specialized consulting firms, brokerage factors and credit insurers.

Working Capital Management

Through total immersion in the business we help clients to improve cash conversion by bringing a unique focus to better working capital management.

Context: Deterioration of economic equilibrium, need for deleveraging the balance sheet, covenants, increasing liquidity problems, no standards for cash collection.

Implementation of tools for monitoring
We provide CFOs with additional experienced management support to improve operational or financial performance.

Implementation of cash forecasting tools

Analysis of the economic model of the business allows us to understand its context, needs and constraints and thus propose, based on what exists in the market, tailor-made solutions.

Support for and training in cash issues

We train finance teams to optimize issues of cash and operational monitoring over time.

Context: Company heavily in debt, need to monitor the day-to-day cash situation and/or to ease access to liquidities.