You need to restructure your financing.

SO-MG Partners can support you in terms of the in-depth liquidity analysis required for the purpose of defining and implementing appropriate financing.

1. Diagnosis: We will prepare an independent diagnosis, based on reliable technical data, to help you determine the company’s short and medium-term financing requirements. We will equally identify, in conjunction with your financial management, any available internal Quick Wins defined as actions translating into immediate cash impacts but taking due account of the potential conflict between the imperatives of cash and margin.

2. Action plan: Our direct access to the main players in the market means that we can analyse the competitiveness of the financing envisaged, if necessary in conjunction with specialist debt advisory firms, factors and credit insurers.

3. Negotiation: Together with management and shareholders and alongside the applicable specialised merchant banks, we can prepare all the financial documentation necessary for the purpose of negotiating new financing facilities.

SO-MG Partners’ added value:

  • An integrated team;
  • Our independence;
  • Our expertise in complex financing issues.