Tools for decision-taking

You need the management tools capable of helping you redefine your strategy and implement initiatives for improving your company’s operating performance.

SO-MG Partners can give your financial management the benefit of our experience in defining and choosing the appropriate management tools.

1. Preliminary review: Our structured preliminary review takes account of the various constraints associated with the company’s business model, and of the habitual context of reference of each tool, as a means of supporting finance directors and their teams in drafting appropriate specifications.

2. Implementation: Based on the conclusions of the preliminary review and on the resources available in the market, we will propose and help implement the adequate internal development or external package.

3. Training and monitoring of the progress of your teams can be performed in line with your requirements.

SO-MG Partners’ added value:

  • The ability to obtain a rapid understanding of your company’s business model;
  • Our total immersion within the company;
  • Our tailored solutions.