Corporate trouble-shooting and restructuring

You wish to commence discussions with your financial partners.

SO-MG Partners can present to your financial partners an objective and independent diagnosis of the company’s past and prospective financial position.

1. Diagnosis: our independent diagnosis (or Independent Business Review), based on reliable technical data, will help highlight the origin of the company’s difficulties and of the constitution of its debt.

2. Financing plan: The estimation of your prospective cash requirement, taking due account of the available drivers for improvement of the company’s operating performance and of any alternative sources of finance, will help you prepare a financing plan aligned on the time available to the company to finance its turnaround and on its capacity to achieve rapid gains.

3. Financial restructuring: The reputation for seriousness of our work, recognised as such by the main players in the market, will help create a favourable negotiating climate.

SO-MG Partners’ added value:

  • Entire independence;
  • Technical mastery;
  • A privileged relationship between the company and its banks, professional advisors and shareholders.